Jonathan Clerke, Physiotherapist

Jonathan Clerke  B.Sc (Hons), B.Phty
Member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association

Jonathan is the owner and Principal Therapist of IceFire Physiotherapy. He has 24 years experience as a Physiotherapist. With continued learning, he brings a broad base of knowledge in health, research and uncommon disease syndromes.

Whilst completing his Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Queensland, he was awarded the Helen Rigby Memorial Prize with one other physiotherapist.


Jonathan has had papers published in peer-review international scientific journals:

  • Journal of Hand Therapy 2005 Jan-Mar;18(1):19-29. Clerke AM, Clerke, JP, Adams RD.
  • American Journal of Occupational Therapy 2001 Mar-Apr;55(2):206-11. Clerke A, Clerke J

Other physiotherapy related publications include:

  • Mobile Phones and Brain Cancer, InMotion, October 2016, p.12-13.
  • Does Chondroitin sulphate help treat OA?, InMotion, August 2017, p.10.
  • A literature review on the effect of hand dominance and sex on wrist kinematic proprioceptive ability (with Dr Anita Clerke), FingerPrint, Issue 114, Jan-Mar 2018, p.20.


Jonathan’s ethos is to deliver treatment in a caring, friendly manner. This shines through in his staff.

On first consultation, he asks questions so he can fully understand the issue at hand.

He takes time to explain and inform his patients of the treatment required.

So often, patients complete their first treatment with positive improvement. A testament to his skill and professional conduct.


Jonathan has delivered lectures to the School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science students at Griffith University, and presented at local, national and international conferences such as the International Workplace Health & Safety Forum and 33rd Ergonomics Society of Australia Conference;
Queensland Hand Surgery Society Association annual conference.
Australian Hand Therapy Association, National Conference, Adelaide – October 2017.

He has spoken to various professional groups such as the Creche and Kindergarten Association of Queensland.
One of his many outside interests includes authoring the Christian apologetics book titled, Echoes of Jesus: Does the New Testament Reflect What He Said?’

Staying Up To Date

Jonathan regularly attends physiotherapy conferences and courses, having attended and/or completed the following courses:

  • Management of Common Upper Limb Problems Conference
  • Physiotherapy Functional Restoration, convened at the University of Melbourne
  • Comprehensive Physicians Training Course in the Procedure and Diagnostic Interpretation of the Neuro-Selective Current Perception Threshold Examination
  • Tendon Injuries of the Lower Limb, presented by a senior lecturer at LaTrobe University
  • American Board of Independent Medical Examiners (ABIME): AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Impairment with Disability Medicine Review Course.
  • Advanced Western Acupuncture and Dry Needling Courses for Physiotherapists

Further Education

Jonathan is actively involved in continuing education, in recent times having attended the:

  • Updates in Neurosurgery, The Brisbane Neurosurgery Centre, August 2015
  • Australian Physiotherapy National Conference – October 2015;
  • Skin Examination for Physiotherapists – February 2016
  • Assessment and Management of the Rotator Cuff Masterclass – July 2016
  • Australian Physiotherapy National Conference – October 2017.
  • Australian Hand Therapy Association, National Conference, Adelaide – October 2017.
  • Workshop organised by the University of Queensland’s Sports Injury Rehabilitation and Prevention for Health (SIRPH) research unit, titled: Cervical Spine course: A physiotherapy / osteopathic approach, by Professor Dr Duncan Reid (Auckland University of Technology) – June 2018