Too many Australians are living with treatable joint and muscle pain. At IceFire Physiotherapy, we invite patients from Albany Creek and the surrounding suburbs to seek treatment from our experienced physiotherapists. Our team are trained to assess and treat conditions associated with back pain, neck pain, and general pain including arthritis and other injuries. Our mission is to create better long-term health, which is why we don’t just treat the symptoms of an issue. As part of your treatment plan, we will strive to identify the root of the problem and devise programs that you can implement at home or work to protect yourself from further injury or from aggravating the sensitive areas.

Make an appointment with Albany Creek’s preferred physiotherapists. If you have any questions about the services included in physiotherapy, get in touch with our friendly team.

Physiotherapy Addresses a Range of Concerns

If you’ve been suffering from niggles and pains, IceFire Physiotherapy is here to help. Inviting residents from Albany Creek to our clinic, our focus is on treating your concerns so that you achieve better recovery. We treat athletes who have obtained injuries during sport, people who are experiencing arthritic flareups, and other general issues. Professionals who sit for large portions of the day often present with neck and back pain, something our physiotherapists have much experience in treating. We can develop a treatment plan and make suggestions as to how you can prevent or alleviate tension throughout the day. Our treatments can include a combination of dry needling, massage, mobilisation, and electrotherapy modalities according to what your physiotherapist assesses.

Discover Why Albany Creek Residents Choose IceFire Physiotherapy

Patients from across Albany Creek, Strathpine and surrounding suburbs seek treatment from IceFire Physiotherapy. Contact us to book an appointment or call (07) 3205 7019 to learn more about our physiotherapists.