Why Personalised Treatments are Key

What is the difference Between Personalised and Prescriptive?

Many people might be scratching their heads wondering, ‘What exactly is the difference between personalised and prescriptive physiotherapy treatments?’

Prescriptive treatments occur when a physiotherapist treats a patient solely on their symptoms and prescribes them a set of take-home exercises to perform with hopes of solving the problem. The patient may interact with dozens of different physiotherapists during their treatment and receive very generic explanations and advice.

Personalised is a bit more in-depth. Your physiotherapist will take time to understand you, your injury and how it occurred. From this understanding, they formulate a treatment and rehabilitation schedule applicable to your personal situation and help you understand all of its elements.

What is the Process of Personalised Treatments?

Firstly, you will book an appointment and visit your physiotherapist for a consultation. Here you will discuss your issues, their causes, and any other pieces of pertinent information that may be applicable.

Next, your physio will proceed to conduct further examination to better understand the issue from their professional perspective. This will allow them to develop a rehabilitation schedule, which they will then go through with you, showing you how to perform any exercises, correctly use equipment, and answer any questions you might pose.

Lastly, you will return to that same physio at stages throughout the future, checking on your rehabilitation process and for alterations to your recovery program. From here, it is likely your physio will offer further advice on how to prevent or mitigate injuries in the future.

Why Do Patients Choose IceFire Physiotherapy?

IceFire Physiotherapy is proud to offer a higher level of personalised treatment for our patients. While in our care, you will receive a consistent point of contact from a trained, learned professional. You will have an opportunity to explain your position and feel encouraged to take control of your recovery based on how you are feeling.

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