Dry Needling

Dry Needling uses fine acupuncture needles inserted into muscle trigger points to release muscle spasm and into tendons to provoke a fresh physiological healing response in cases of chronic Tendinopathy. Often we find a single treatment can produce measurable benefits during the consultation. These benefits can include an increase in strength, range of motion and reduction in pain intensity.

What it's not

Dry needling does not target acupuncture points and is not Chinese/Eastern Acupuncture.

Is it Painful?

The insertion of the needle gives a slight prick that you will barely feel. When Dry Needling a trigger point we are aiming to elicit a deep ache and/or reproduction of the pain - that way we know we are in the correct spot. A brief muscle twitch or spasm may occur. Dry Needling a tendon may reproduce your pain or it may just feel mildly uncomfortable.

Western Acupuncture points may be painful for a short time after insertion but this is usually mild. If the needling gives you constant pins and needles, constant burning or constant stinging, then let the physiotherapist know and he will change the needles position.

Are There Other Options?

Yes, we have patients who prefer not to have dry needling. Most of our patients will each be treated with a variety of techniques over several sessions. These treatments may include mobilisation of joints & muscles, massage, specific exercises, and ergonomic advice.

More Information

Please read our detailed blog for even more information on Dry Needling.