Hip & Knee

Knee Pain

It is not uncommon for patients complaining of knee pain whilst trekking, climbing, walking or running. “Why do I have knee joint pain?” comes up frequently. The source of your knee joint pain can be from the knee joint (i.e tibio-femoral joint) itself, behind the knee cap (the patella-femoral joint), referred pain from the hip or even referred pain from the lower back.

Sports and Knee Pain

People playing netball and football may experience enough trauma to completely ACL or the PCL.  The most common knee injuries are: patellar tendinitis, ACL, and meniscus.

Other sports such as trekking or hiking, especially when carrying heavy loads or going down hills, can cause different types of injury. Using poles can help decrease the loads your knees experience when trekking downhill.

Many patients with knee injuries are very pleasantly surprised to see how much they improve after receiving physiotherapy at IceFire. Exercises play a very important role in achieving great results.

Knee Replacements

We not only help people recover from the trauma of total knee replacement surgery, but also work to ease the pain and discomfort of knee osteoarthritis.

Hip Pain

Many people have Total Hip Replacement (THR). This surgery requires the cessation of some activities for varying periods of time.

People commonly ask to what extent can they resume, or start for first time, a variety of activities such as cycling, jogging etc and how intensely they can participate in such activities.

Patients can increase their chances of participating in various sporting activities if they work hard to regain good muscle strength and endurance post surgery.

That's where we can help you. Physio and guidance on exercise will help you to restore function. If you have had a THR, please call us today: 3250 7019 to book an appointment.

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